Mrs Tatiana Elliott / mother 
James  Alexander Halse 20 years old . (Diagnosed with ASD at the age of 4 ).
“ We  were recommended “ Think 18” Charity by the  Foundation program  Course leader at Chichester College/ Brinsbury campus, Sarah Vincent. 
Think 18 is included in the Local Offer for Adults with  learning difficulties .
The process of joining the Charity was made very easy by Tessa, who was very welcoming and supportive to us. 
James absolutely loves it! 
He does “ Think drama” on Monday, art class on Tuesday and singing on Wednesday .All the activities help him to facilitate his speech and confidence.
Since joining in July this year, James’s social skills have improved tremendously! 
He is learning to listen to the other members and ask them relevant questions, 
Every day he is looking forward to see his friends and teachers on Zoom , which was an incredible help during the lockdown!
“ Virtual drinks “ on Thursday give James a sense of participating in community, making new connections and friendships.
I feel so grateful and happy for my autistic son that there are charities like “ Think 18” in our country, allowing young adults with learning difficulties to be included in society.
Tatiana Elliott 



During the lockdown Think18 has been invaluable to us as a family and our son who has Downs Syndrome aged 18. He has been very lonely, cut of from friends, school and after school clubs. To have the Think18 Zooms has been a life line. Our son has found a whole new community and made new friends and meet up with old friends, whilst doing the things he loves. He has loved the Dance, Drama , Drinks night and Art sessions. They have given him a purpose and friendships during the long months of shielding. Now we are coming to the end of shielding and about to enter the world again, we are very hopeful that the sessions will continue, because he has loved it and doesn’t want to loose his new friends and activities. We are very grateful to have had Think18.
Barney has said when asked what he loves about Think18. “ I love seeing my friends, and making new friends. I like all the activities. I like seeing my teacher friends.

Connor really enjoyed the meet up’s before the lockdown as it is very difficult to find safe situations for him to socialise with his friends, being nearly 18 he wants to be like other kids his age and go round town to meet up with mates but due to his learning difficulties this is not possible without supervision, but at his age he doesn’t want Mum or Dad with him! Think 18 provides a safe environment, Connor feels he is going to a youth group with his mates, but I can drop him off knowing that he will be safe and someone is supervising to assist him if he needs help with any social interactions he doesn’t understand.

Connor has loved being able to have contact with his friends and peers at this very unusual times. Think 18 has been great at responding to the situation and putting together some great virtual events on-line which have been super fun Connor. He’s loving the Dance and Drama BUT Virtual Drinks Night, well he tells us he’s off to the pub in our conservatory (which is where he has the Zoom session)

And thanks again for all you have done, you have really help us get though the lock down giving Connor something to look forward to and also for us, to make sure we know what day of the week it is!!

Tina & Andrew

After recently moving to the area, our daughter didn’t know anyone or have any friends locally. Since she joined Think18 she has enjoyed lots of weekly zoom sessions and been able to meet new people online. Our daughter is a lot more happy knowing she has friends and knows people from different areas.

This group has been a god send during the pandemic, it has helped her tremendously in settling in more and helped her through lockdown.
We feel without this group our daughter would now be isolated and alone.
Thank you so much for this group.


Think18 has been fantastic for my 17 yr old son Jack. He’s enjoyed interacting with all the fun activities on Zoom especially the drumming session.  Jack has loved seeing his friends as he is missing seeing them at school.  Thank you to everyone involved in keeping our young adults entertained .
Jack’s mum Sarah 
My 24 year old daughter, who has Down’s syndrome and usually lives in her
own supported living flat, moved back home with us just before full lockdown
started. Since then, she has regularly joined in all the Think18 online
activities and really enjoys the different sessions. Think18 has provided a
fabulous service throughout lockdown and has kept my daughter happy and
occupied, in touch with her old friends and enabled her to make new ones
too. Think18 has given these long weeks, when college and other local
services have been closed and we had to stay at home, some much-needed
structure and something fun and interesting for my daughter to look forward
to almost every weekday. I think Think18 offers an amazing and unique
service and meets a clear need for social activities for young people with
additional needs which no other local charity offers. My daughter says of
Think18: ‘I like all the activities they do online, especially the singing,
drama and dance. I’ve loved getting to make new friends too.’
Hilary & Lilly
THINK18 has been a fantastic resource and a wonderful way that my daughter Isabelle has been able to keep in touch with friends and to make new ones. Before lockdown Isabelle had thoroughly enjoyed attending a few of THINK18’s first events – and then with lockdown how fantastic to discover that she was able to continue attending meet-ups virtually via “zoom”. Isabelle has loved checking in for dance, drama, art sessions and evening social meet-ups with games and chat. She looks forward to every session and has found it so supportive. We can’t thank Tessa, Hilary and Louise enough for all their hard work to make sure THINK18 events are so great  – and enabling it to continue through lockdown.
Isabelles mum Marysia

Will loves Think 18 and is so happy and excited for each session. I (spying from the other end of the room ) have seen him acheive so much in a little time. His interation has improved so much.

Thank you


I have really enjoyed Think Drama, Think Dance and the drinks evening. it has helped me so much in the lockdown and it has helped me to gain confidence in myself. I have also enjoyed meeting new people. Think Dance has given me so much confidence in my dancing and Think Drama has helped me to get into character. The Drinks evening is amazing and I can dress up and show off my outfits and show my talents.

Isabelle 25 years old


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