The Strait of Gibraltar Pledge

Due to the influence of the strong currents and winds which prevail in the region the distance swum when crossing the strait is usually 16 to 22 km (9 to 12 nautical miles). It is a tough swim for anyone to attempt to swim the Gibraltar Straits and takes huge courage as it is not only a busy shipping lane with 300+ vessels passing through daily but has various marine life within the depths of the ocean including orcas (killer whales). We were delighted when Margaret Peet said she was doing this challenge to fundraise for THINK18 and if she completed it comprises of one of the 7 hardest channel swims in the world.

The swim was scheduled for Wednesday but due to strong currents the swim was cancelled several times, Margaret wrote

” Yesterday was our slot that was given to a group that failed Monday! Another group have gone today but they are much faster than us, weather a bit breezy. We have been given Sat as a potential, or we sit it out until conditions are right… ffs why did I say I’d do this! On ferry to Tanger, thought I’d see what it was like before we swam…! “

Late on Monday evening I got a phone call, Mags did it. I couldn’t believe it, Mags and four friends completed the treacherous swim in just over 6 hours. 

She said she was thinking of Rosie, my daughter who has Down Syndrome, along the way, I like to think of my lovely Rosie, sitting on her shoulder pushing her along the way. 

You can donate to her fundraising pledge just go to:

Lets make it up to £1000, come on, you can do it.

What an amazing lady !!!


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