Focus Group with Parents & Young Adults

It was brilliant for the Think18 team, joined by Anne from the `Halow project’ to be able to meet some parents, young adults, teachers and West Sussex Council, at Fordwater School in Chichester to talk about the things that are important to them and where THINK18 might be able to help.

Lots of things were discussed including the venue location, what the young adults would love best, how to tackle transport, what things were important the the parents and much more.

One thing was very clear is the desperate need for social activities to engage our young adults and give them what they want in a safe environment.

Why can’ t they have what our other 18 year olds have access to?

Looking forward to our next Focus Group in September, where we hope to meet with many more young adults to hear about it from their perspective. 

Massive thanks to everyone involved and to Fordwater School for letting us use their facilities.”


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