Rosie my daughter has Down’s Syndrome. She is now 18 and wants to go out, like any young teenager, socialise and make new friends, but it’s not that easy. Her vulnerability means she needs additional help and to be in a safe environment so life can be very frustrating for her and other young adults with learning disabilities. When most 18 year olds become adults for our young adults life is very different. Why can’t our young adults have age appropriate social events? Club nights, visit the pub, social activities, a nights out with their mates, go to the theatre or a concert…. 

That’s why we formed THINK18! 




We are fortunate enough to be working with ‘The halow project’  a guildford based charity who support young adults (aged 16+) with a learning disabilities. ‘The halow Project’ has 12 years experience and  they support over 170 young adults. THINK18 can call upon their knowledge and expertise to ensure we create a charity that works for our young adults and provides them with activities which they want!

We are running monthly events with halow, the last Thursday in the month, between 5 – 7, it’s a great a chance to meet up and make friends, have fun.  If you are 16 years plus then we would love to meet you.  We will meet up on the Thursday evening of every month for 2 hours between 4pm – 8pm We are also planning some additional events for 2020 including family fun, pub ‘n’ grub night out a garden party & much more.

Why don’t you take a look? Check out the video!



We are currently looking at venues in Chichester, in Feb & March the activities will be held at ‘The Sylvia Beaufoy Centre’  in Petworth. With excellent facilities this worked well at our ‘Getting to know you” event. With plenty of variety from basket ball to table football, an arts room, cafe and computer games, football and more.

We would like to alternate the venue location but would suggest you come along on February 27th..

Finding the right venue is key but rest assured, there will be trips to the pub, cinema, theatre trips….

(Don’t forget to book in asap to the support assessment)



WHAT Next?

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We will add you to our mailing list and let you know of any events happening.  If you would like to come along to our events your young adult will need to have a support assessment. The next assessment dates are Monday Jan 27th,  Tue Feb 4th, there are more planned in the future so please register now and we will be in touch.

Without your young adults support assessment you won’t be able to attend future events.




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